Saturday, January 22, 2011

Next big craft/art adventure

Wow I am so excited.. soon I will be ordering my new jewellery tools t o try my hand at handstamped pendants. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while and when hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday there was no hesitation. So stay tuned for some new and interesting pieces when I get it.

On other craft news we went and hit the garage sales today - I had to control myself at one as there were 3 green bags of beads and books.. .Luckily she allowed me to look through them and select a few items. I got some more jewellery wire - pink, green and blue as well as a spool of sterling silver wire and two books one on bead weaving and one on creating wire jewellery. SO excited as the bead weaving one has some patterns for the crocheted ropes I have been doing. The wire one is excellent, techniques on how to make some wire shapes... Looks like I will be busy...
Oh almost forgot I got some beads as well including some lampwork beads the lady had made hereslf.

Also the topic came up about my 'Art and Craft Studio' when we eventually buy.. oh how I can dream... But I do know one day it will happen....
Anyway off out to dinner tonight so better go get sorted.


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