Saturday, May 14, 2011

Latest News

Hello all;
It has been a while, ev erytime I seem to come on here to update I am unable to as it was telling me that it was fixing glitches. Finally I have access to post on my BLOG.

Some great news .... Last week I won a competition and I was totally blown away. It was the Empire Beads April Adventures Challenge. I was amazed that they chose mine yes mine as the winning piece. BTW I entered my Hibiscus Flower four patterned Lariat. I was rather stoked and very happy to recieve the voucher for $300 to spend at their web site.. One guess what I bought.. yep you guessed it beads, beads and beads.. oh and some findings, string and leather, nothing like stocking my supplies...
I think what got me by surprise was the amount of entries there were over 190 from Australia and the UK and all so creative nd beautiful.

The other news is I have been busy getting organsed for my forst market. The lovely ladies from and Tabatinga have oragniesd for the first time a Coffs Creative Mums Market. They have gathered 28 mums that create from our local town of Coffs Harbour and surrounds and we are all going to be selling our wares to the public at the market day which is tomorrow. I am excited and have created some new pieces for the market as well as samples of the hand stamping hopefully I will get some orders. I love making the stamps and really love creating one off unique pieces for people to give as gifts.

I am off now to set up for the market will let you know how it all goes tomorrow when I can get on next.