Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beaded Embroidery

I am attempting to try my hand at some bead embroidery namely a beaded pendant then I may try to make a cuff bracelet. I love the look of the pieces I have seen created by a few of my beady aquaintances.
I have started one using a flower button (i removed the back loop) and some glass leaf beads. I am rather pleased so far as to how it has turned out. I have finished it to the point I am going to add a loop at the top and trying to decided whether or not I will hang it off a bead rope(yet to be made) or some green leather I bought from Empire Beads.
Here are some of the picture:
part way through:
Where I am with it atm.....
My pictures haven't quite download nicely... will try and re do at a later time. I have yet to decide if I will add the loop at the top of the flower and have the leaves down the botttom or place it so the leaves are on the side....
CHeers Z