Thursday, October 21, 2010


Just some braceletts i have made
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Latest Projects

Yes I know another project... I always have three or four different projects on the go.. I make crochet necklaces - an idea I got from my friend Frances, who had one given to her as a present. I have been thinking lately about making bracletts and today I had a go.. I have made two. The first (the purple one I decided to try two strands, and the second was a black one, i made it slightly too big but then realised how i made the join it is adjustable, provided you like dangles....

Also I have made the first name will get my friends approval that it is what she wanted then I will make the others:


A good friend of mine has set me a challenge to make cut out name tags in the shape of the names of the girls she is going away with this weekend. So I have put on hold painting the boxes to creat four name tags ....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Latest on Boys Display Boxes

Hi All....

The boys are some what distracted so I managed to take photos of the display boxes so far.

Cut pieces of cardboard for inserts:

Cutting notches for insert:

Insert covered in felt and grid formed:

Insert and clear plastic insert inside box:

Tomorrow I will pull out inserts and paint the boxes. I will also line the bottom with some black felt.


Re: Boys xmas present display boxes..

Just an update I have ahd a fun afternoon making the inserts and fixing the lids for the display boxes. I can't take a picture just eyt as the boys are home from school.. Will up load the lastest pics tomorrow when i begin painting them... (if I don't get called into work....


Christmas is coming....

Well Christmas will soon be upon us... I cannot believe another year is almost done.

Just thought I would shar with you a project I am about to begin.
My two beautiful boys love to collect gem stones, currently they store them in their treasure box which is litaerally like a Pirates treasure box. I went looking today for a display box.. was unable to find exactly what i wanted - my solution is to adapt the closest box I can.. So I found a cigar box, I will cut a whole in the lid, add some clear plastic sheet, make partitions and line it with black felt. When that is doen I will paint it and decorate them individually.
I will keep you posted on my prgress. In the mean time here is a picture of the beginning...