Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beaded Embroidery

I am attempting to try my hand at some bead embroidery namely a beaded pendant then I may try to make a cuff bracelet. I love the look of the pieces I have seen created by a few of my beady aquaintances.
I have started one using a flower button (i removed the back loop) and some glass leaf beads. I am rather pleased so far as to how it has turned out. I have finished it to the point I am going to add a loop at the top and trying to decided whether or not I will hang it off a bead rope(yet to be made) or some green leather I bought from Empire Beads.
Here are some of the picture:
part way through:
Where I am with it atm.....
My pictures haven't quite download nicely... will try and re do at a later time. I have yet to decide if I will add the loop at the top of the flower and have the leaves down the botttom or place it so the leaves are on the side....
CHeers Z

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Latest News

Hello all;
It has been a while, ev erytime I seem to come on here to update I am unable to as it was telling me that it was fixing glitches. Finally I have access to post on my BLOG.

Some great news .... Last week I won a competition and I was totally blown away. It was the Empire Beads April Adventures Challenge. I was amazed that they chose mine yes mine as the winning piece. BTW I entered my Hibiscus Flower four patterned Lariat. I was rather stoked and very happy to recieve the voucher for $300 to spend at their web site.. One guess what I bought.. yep you guessed it beads, beads and beads.. oh and some findings, string and leather, nothing like stocking my supplies...
I think what got me by surprise was the amount of entries there were over 190 from Australia and the UK and all so creative nd beautiful.

The other news is I have been busy getting organsed for my forst market. The lovely ladies from and Tabatinga have oragniesd for the first time a Coffs Creative Mums Market. They have gathered 28 mums that create from our local town of Coffs Harbour and surrounds and we are all going to be selling our wares to the public at the market day which is tomorrow. I am excited and have created some new pieces for the market as well as samples of the hand stamping hopefully I will get some orders. I love making the stamps and really love creating one off unique pieces for people to give as gifts.

I am off now to set up for the market will let you know how it all goes tomorrow when I can get on next.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mum can I.....

For the last few days I ahve had the constant.... "Mum can I do some jewellery.." repeated oh so so so so so so so many times... AT first I said its not easy.. and you need to go and plan on paper what it is you want to stamp... so off he went to return in ten minutes wiht his sketch showing three pieces on a necklace with the words going 'mum' 'is' 'cool'.. each on a seperate littel rectangle..

As I hadn't any metal cut I put it off but the other dya he saw me cutting up some metal and sanding and filing... and I got the 'Mum you said I could make some jewellery' ...
SO after hearing it for the 100th time I said sure but you can use this little rectangle so go and draw what you want.. Then we set to work together.. I held the stamps while he hammered them.. bad mistake I think he got my thumb three times.. IN the end he added some extra hugs and kisses (ooxx).
I placed it in with the family pieces to oxidize using the egg and this morning made him polish it.. SO now I have an awesome pendant made with love by by oldest.... I love it....

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Next big adventure

Well I have had a lovely afternoon on my computer. I have ordered some supplies and tools to create some beautiful jewellery pieces, my mind is racing over all the creations I am going to make. I am so excited I have begun sketching some creations while I wait.. posssibly up to 3 to 4 weeks,,,finger crossed...

In the meantime as well as creating ideas in my head I will begin to make some more wire jewellery using the books I bough yesterday. So stay tuned for some lovely creative designs to be posted...



Saturday, January 22, 2011

Next big craft/art adventure

Wow I am so excited.. soon I will be ordering my new jewellery tools t o try my hand at handstamped pendants. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while and when hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday there was no hesitation. So stay tuned for some new and interesting pieces when I get it.

On other craft news we went and hit the garage sales today - I had to control myself at one as there were 3 green bags of beads and books.. .Luckily she allowed me to look through them and select a few items. I got some more jewellery wire - pink, green and blue as well as a spool of sterling silver wire and two books one on bead weaving and one on creating wire jewellery. SO excited as the bead weaving one has some patterns for the crocheted ropes I have been doing. The wire one is excellent, techniques on how to make some wire shapes... Looks like I will be busy...
Oh almost forgot I got some beads as well including some lampwork beads the lady had made hereslf.

Also the topic came up about my 'Art and Craft Studio' when we eventually buy.. oh how I can dream... But I do know one day it will happen....
Anyway off out to dinner tonight so better go get sorted.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

10x10x10 Day 10

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Its day 10, the final day of this task. I have quiet enjoyed doing this task.
Anyway I spent today with my hubby as the kids went to a play date at Grandma's and Poppys. We went for a stroll around the shops and then came home and chilled, I think we managed a nap... Sadly hubby had to go to work at 2pm... up side is he will be home at 10pm instead of midnight. I spent the afternoon day dreaming about a craft I want to do ... Okay thats enough here is my 10x10x10 for today...

STarting middle and going top left around clockwise:

1. My fish - even though we bought the tank for the kids almost two christmas's ago. They are the original fish they started out as around 6 cm long and are now huge - possibly 15cm.

2. The drink I am having with dinner, no sadly it is not red wine (what I orignally wanted) as we were all out , so I have to suffice with cordial.

3. My dinner, a yummy stir fried pork dish from tony ferguson recipes tonight accompanied by lettuce cups - it is rather yum...

4. The lovely bags that I bought from Joyce's shop.

5. The origami purse I made from CH's origami book that I got him for his birthday - finally got one to work. I was planning on ten photos of different origami pieces.

6. The flowers now all in full bloom with the addition of the bird of paradise that Simon got from the garden.

7. The craft/art I have been day dreaming about , I would love to makes these...

8. The tools and equipment I need to buy before I can start making the above art/craft... Sadly I am having trouble finding the supplies in Australia....

9. The shoes at the front door.

10. The bag of clothes the kidlets bought back from Grandma's - no wonder they are missing some shorts and t-shirts...

So that is my final 10x10x10 blog.. what will i write about tomorrow...

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

10x10x10 Day 9

Wow its day 9, I wonder what I will do when this is all over. It has been a great record of the last few days...

Today was approductive and lazy day - is there such a combination...
So here is day 9's 10x10x10 starting centre going top left and around..

1. My fruit bowl freshly stocked since a trip to the shops..

2. The artwork that hangs above my laudry trough - suspose you are wondering why I was in the laundry..

3. Well I was in the laundry to wash the boys school hats - I got the uniforms sorted for another eyar of school ... now I can rest and relax for the last week and a half...

4. The bucket with two school shirts that got stained with paint in the last two weeks of school - this is their second soaking ...

5. A new supply of school socks.

6. New school shirts for both boys - dont think S will fit size 6 all year..

7. New school shorts...

8. A key essential for any casual teacher - goodie bag supplies. Jsut thought I better top this up as who knows when I egt my first day for this year...

9. Eleven lovely library bags I sewed today to be contributed to Task Force Library Bags - aka Joyce Lives Here

10. Where I hanged my bag when I came home form the shops..

Take care all...
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