Thursday, January 20, 2011

10x10x10 Day 10

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Its day 10, the final day of this task. I have quiet enjoyed doing this task.
Anyway I spent today with my hubby as the kids went to a play date at Grandma's and Poppys. We went for a stroll around the shops and then came home and chilled, I think we managed a nap... Sadly hubby had to go to work at 2pm... up side is he will be home at 10pm instead of midnight. I spent the afternoon day dreaming about a craft I want to do ... Okay thats enough here is my 10x10x10 for today...

STarting middle and going top left around clockwise:

1. My fish - even though we bought the tank for the kids almost two christmas's ago. They are the original fish they started out as around 6 cm long and are now huge - possibly 15cm.

2. The drink I am having with dinner, no sadly it is not red wine (what I orignally wanted) as we were all out , so I have to suffice with cordial.

3. My dinner, a yummy stir fried pork dish from tony ferguson recipes tonight accompanied by lettuce cups - it is rather yum...

4. The lovely bags that I bought from Joyce's shop.

5. The origami purse I made from CH's origami book that I got him for his birthday - finally got one to work. I was planning on ten photos of different origami pieces.

6. The flowers now all in full bloom with the addition of the bird of paradise that Simon got from the garden.

7. The craft/art I have been day dreaming about , I would love to makes these...

8. The tools and equipment I need to buy before I can start making the above art/craft... Sadly I am having trouble finding the supplies in Australia....

9. The shoes at the front door.

10. The bag of clothes the kidlets bought back from Grandma's - no wonder they are missing some shorts and t-shirts...

So that is my final 10x10x10 blog.. what will i write about tomorrow...

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