Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mum can I.....

For the last few days I ahve had the constant.... "Mum can I do some jewellery.." repeated oh so so so so so so so many times... AT first I said its not easy.. and you need to go and plan on paper what it is you want to stamp... so off he went to return in ten minutes wiht his sketch showing three pieces on a necklace with the words going 'mum' 'is' 'cool'.. each on a seperate littel rectangle..

As I hadn't any metal cut I put it off but the other dya he saw me cutting up some metal and sanding and filing... and I got the 'Mum you said I could make some jewellery' ...
SO after hearing it for the 100th time I said sure but you can use this little rectangle so go and draw what you want.. Then we set to work together.. I held the stamps while he hammered them.. bad mistake I think he got my thumb three times.. IN the end he added some extra hugs and kisses (ooxx).
I placed it in with the family pieces to oxidize using the egg and this morning made him polish it.. SO now I have an awesome pendant made with love by by oldest.... I love it....

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